Point of Single Contact


Pursuant to Directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament on services in the internal market, the Official Association of Real Estate Agents of the Balearic Islands provides both the general public and its members a “point of single contact” so that consumers can make any query, complaint or request online, and so that members can carry out all procedures and formalities required in the exercise of their profession.


Procedures and Applications:

    • Register of members: This link takes you to the list of all our registered Real Estate Agents and their professional details.
    • Queries, complaints and grievances: You can send us any complaint or query concerning the services rendered by our members through the contact page of the Association.
    • Members can report any changes to their membership details (e.g. change of address of their professional office or their e-mail address) via the private area of our website.
    • Documents required to apply for registration in the Association: In the following links you can check and download all the information regarding the steps to follow to join the Official Association of Real Estate Agents, including the documents to be submitted for registration.

       Council declaration

  • Electronic approval of valuations: The Association provides its members with a telematic approval tool to electronically approve all valuations and appraisals that are commissioned to them. For further information on the use of this tool, please read the Electronic Approval Manual available in the private area.