The General Register of Real Estate Appraisers (RGT-API) is a service created by the Council for all registered real estate agents who are included as expert appraisers in the official lists of their respective associations, without prejudice to the competences of the Official Associations with regard to the preparation of their lists of expert appraisers.

Why a Real Estate Expert Appraiser?

Real Estate Agents are qualified to act as legal experts as a result of their vast training, experience and recognition by the Administration, which makes them the best option for efficient real estate valuations.

According to the Spanish Civil Procedure Act legal experts must hold the official qualification corresponding to the subject matter of the procedure, a requirement that REA meet, as they have the power to perform expert real estate appraisals under their official diploma. As provided for in Decree 3248 of 4 December 1969, one of the tasks of Real Estate Agents is to “provide legal opinion on the market value of properties.”

Their in-depth knowledge of the market thanks to their daily participation in all types of real estate transactions and their permanent collaboration with the Administration, courts and other public bodies make REA great and highly qualified professionals for the preparation of valuation reports. In addition to the skills that REA learn in the exercise of their daily function, they can also broaden their field of knowledge by taking part in the courses offered by their Association or the Council.

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