Do you want to become a member?

Documents to be submitted during the  membership application process
  1. Request from the interested party addressed to the Chair of the Association
  2. Submission of a Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Engineer Master Degree, Architect Master Degree, Engineer Bachelor Degree, Architect Bachelor Degree, or Official Real Estate Agent Diploma issued by the relevant Ministry. Applicants must provide the original degree, a notarial certified copy thereof or their academic achievements.
  3. Police Certificate proving the applicant’s clean background and lack of criminal records
  4. Express declaration if the applicant has belonged or still belongs to another Association of Real Estate Agents and provision of the corresponding certificate proving that the member is up to date with his/her obligations
  5. Three photographs (passport size)
  6. Photocopy of National Identity Card
  7. Certificate of suitability (applicable to civil servants only)

Upon approval by the Board:

  1. Proof of having paid the corresponding deposit (according to current rates) into the Association’s bank account at Bankia (deposit account)
  2. Payment of the fees corresponding to registration and issuance of membership card, as well as of the General Council fees (according to current rates)
  3. Direct debit for the quarterly payment of the membership fee (name and number of the bank, branch and control code, account number)
  4. Application for civil liability insurance (voluntary)
  5. Registration for Business Activity Tax / Census Registration
  6. Registration under the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.