Advantages of using the services
of a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents are qualified professionals who have been recognised by the Administration and provide the fullest guarantees that any operation in the real estate market is carried out successfully. The professional services rendered by REA are subject to control by the corresponding Official Association, which gives users the transparency and peace of mind they deserve.



Advantages for the Seller

  • The members of the Association have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market.
  • Real Estate Agents take care of all the intermediation work, from the marketing of the property to the closing of the transaction and signing of the corresponding documents.
  • Professionalism and compliance with the law throughout the process.
  • The sale of a property is subject to a complex legal procedure that will be undertaken by the Real Estate Agent (member of the Association).

Advantages for the Buyer

  • Exhaustive search for properties that meet the requirements of clients.
  • The members of the Association of Real Estate Agents will always mediate and seek the greatest benefit for both buyer and seller, balancing the needs of both parties.
  • Assurance that the property being purchased meets all legal requirements.


Advantages for the Tenant

  • Save time and money. The members of the Association of Real Estate Agents will look for the option that best suits you within a large property portfolio.
  • Assurance that the property is in a perfect condition.
  • They will also prevent abusive and illegal clauses from being included in the contract.

Advantages for the Landlord

  • Careful selection of tenants. The members of the Association of Real Estate Agents will duly check the solvency and reliability of potential tenants.
  • Drafting of contracts.